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GolfPunk Magazine (China) August 2015

To play a standard pitch shot, I want to have a swing that is hitting down onto the ball at impact. 


Remember “Hitting down will get the ball to go Up”.

When I start the swing, I want to have my body weight leaning towards my target, so I have the feeling my weight is on the outside of my target side foot and the inside of my rear foot (photo 1).

As I start my swing, I keep the lower body as passive (quiet) as possible, this will give me stability and consistency (photo 2).

For the length of swing, I will have 3 different choices:


Short - My hands swing to Hip Height (photo 3)


Medium - My hands swing to Chest Height (photo 4)


Long - My hands swing to Shoulder height (photo 5).


Note, in all 3 swings, my legs are supporting my swing but are not active parts of it.

As I get to impact, I want to have the feeling that my hands and the club meet the ball together. As my body weight is leaning towards the target, the swing is still on a shallow downswing at the moment of impact, so the swing pushes the ball into the ground, the ground pushes the ball into the grooves and up the clubface, and the ball goes up into the air (photo 6, 7, 8).

Whether I am making a Short, Medium or Long Pitch swing, I keep my focus on the ball (before impact) and on the spot the ball was positioned (after impact). (photos 9, 10, 11)

As I complete the swing, I want to match up the length of followthrough to the length of backswing. Hip, Chest, Shoulder height (photo 12, 13, 14).

You can see that as the followthrough increases in length, the legs do move my weight more towards the target, but my right foot remains on the ground, keeping me balanced and controlled.

If; like me, you carry multiple wedges you will be able to use these 3 basic swing positions to create 3 different shots with each wedge, meaning you will have many different variations on the Pitch shot that you can use when on the golf course (photo 15).

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