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Coaching Philosophy

Coaching in the modern era usually means using Launch Monitors, Force Plates and other technology to justify a change to a golfers Bio-Mechanics in order to hit a "Magic Number" on a computer screen. Although this does have a time and place for being used, it is Simon's firm belief that too much focus on this approach results in trying to create the "Perfect Swing" and loses the ultimate purpose of a golf swing, namely: to play free flowing golf and shoot low scores.


Simon will use video, radar data, force plates and other technology when needed, but he likes golfers to focus on ball flight, and by helping them to understand and experiment with their own swings will help them to build imagination, dexterity and "Feel" to visualize and play all manner of shots.

"If the golfer understands the link between how the hands, arms and body work in connection with the clubhead, everything will work together producing a centre strike on the clubface resulting in more control and better shots" - Simon Dewsbury


Simon coaches people within a framework of fundamentals, with modifications being made through necessity from each golfers physical, cognitive and coordinative limitations in order for them to attain their full shot-making potential.


Simon will happily help anybody on any aspect of the game, but be aware that he will put a major emphasis on improving your short game, as he knows this is the area where most people can improve their scores the most.

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