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GolfPunk Magazine (China) October 2015

Lower Body Movement and Support

At the top of Liu Jiao’s backswing, it is clear to see good arm extension and her legs are flexed with good separation between the knees. Maybe a little more hip rotation than I would like, but a good athletic position (photo 1).

During the downswing though it is clearly visible that she has too much lower body movement:

Her knees sink towards the ball (photo 2), which results in her hips getting underneath her upper body (photo 3).

This then causes her arms to have very little room to swing at impact and into the follow through (photo 4).

The result of this is that she has to “spring” her legs upwards as she reaches the ball to try to transfer energy and power into the ball (photo 5).

By using a Jelly Power Band to secure her right knee yet still allow for a small amount of movement (photo 6), I will crouch down behind her while she swings her club.

This restricts the movement in her lower body but gives her a good practice routine to “feel the resistance” in the knee and how the lower body can support the movement of the upper body (photo 7).

The follow through position during this practice drill is stiff and uncomfortable (photo 8), but it allows for good feedback to the brain on what the body should be doing.

Then, when I move out of the way. Liu Jiao can make what feels like the same swing with good feelings, and doing this she can create lots of room in the impact zone for her arms and the club to strike the ball (photos 9, 10 & 11).

The end result is a small movement with the lower body which helps her to remain controlled and balanced, and still allows a transfer of energy to her left side as she moves into the follow through and reaches the finish position in her swing (photo 12 & 13).

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