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Golf Punk Magazine (China) May 2015

If you don't read Chinese, here is the article (with English wording) as it was sent to the Editors to be published:

Long Irons and Fairway Woods

When getting set up to play a short iron, the ball position is played in the middle of the stance and the weight is 60/40 on the target side leg to encourage a downward swing at impact. With “forward shaft lean” the hands are in front of the clubhead at impact and the loft will allow the ball to get up into the air.

If we apply the same principle of hitting down with forward shaft lean with long irons and fairway woods, the trajectory of the ball will be so low that it will not fly any further than a mid iron (6 or 5 iron).

However, if the setup is changed, so weight distribution is 50/50 and the hands are level with the ball before the swing starts, the swing mechanics do not need to change. As the long irons and fairway woods have a longer shaft, the swing plane becomes more around the body (flatter swing) and the impact zone is a shallow arc and not a steep swing. The result is minimal shaft lean at impact and the clubhead sweeps through the ball only brushing the grass with a shallow divot.


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