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GolfPunk Magazine (China) September 2015

Understanding Coil in the Backswing

One of the questions I keep getting asked is “How big a turn should I have to create power in my golf swing?”

The simple answer is “Big and Small”.

One of my Junior students has a really BIG rotational movement in his backswing (photo 1).

Unfortunately, this is causing Kimi’s weight to move outside of his right foot at the top of his backswing, and he has difficulty getting the clubhead back to the golf ball (photo 2).

By giving him a simple practice drill: Placing the left index finger onto the belly button, and the right index finger onto the right shoulder (photos 3 & 4), try to widen the gap between the fingers by turning the shoulders, but keeping the hips and belly button facing towards the golf ball (photos 5 & 6).


This will create a “Big” shoulder rotation, and “Small” hip rotation that builds the Dynamic Stretch of the Core muscles to store up energy in preparation for the downswing and to hit the ball.

Doing this allows Kimi to focus on feeling how his body should stretch in his backswing, which gives him more control over his body position (photo 7 & 8).

This ultimately gives more stability to the lower body, a bigger stretch of the core muscles and control of the golf club.

The result of this better movement is a shorter shoulder turn, albeit bigger in relation to the angle the hips have turned, with the shorter swing allowing Kimi to hit the ball more consistently and with more power and speed (photo 9 & 10).

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