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Simon Dewsbury taught me more and made more sense in 45 minutes than my Golf Pro has in 8 months.


Mrs. R Tillin - UK

Simon Dewsbury has an amazing ability as a coach to make things simple and fun. Be it online or "in person" instruction, his coaching style is simple to understand and has helped me improve all aspects of my game.


Mrs. L Walker - USA

I felt immediately at home with the new clubs Simon fitted me with. My PW goes 10 yards further and my 4 iron goes 30 yards further than my old set. The SW has a completely different trajectory from sand - much higher. 


My first round with the new clubs was a voyage of discovery! My second round, all be it off the yellow tees was a 77 (9 under Par Nett) just the third time I have ever broken 80. 


It was all the more gratifying because while my previous best rounds were putting exhibitions, this was achieved through hitting eleven greens in regulation.


I'm having fun with golf again and what Simon taught me during the 3 day program is filtering through.


Mr. S Ractliffe - UK

Love Simon's game and style of instruction.


I recommend him to my friends.


The playing lesson with him was one of the greatest golfing experiences of my life. Just awesome.

Can't wait for the next one.


Mr. D Shapiro - USA

Simon Rocks!


Mr. J Zarnick - USA

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