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How to do the Narrowing Your Targets Drill

  1. Place a Target Tee in the ground.

  2. Offset and measure out at 1, 2, 3 feet (12, 24, 36 inches) and place tee pegs into the ground at these distances.

  3. Using 5 balls (we only used 1 ball to keep the video to a shorter length), start at the 1ft (12 inches) tee and hit the Target Tee. This is purely used as a “confidence-building distance”.

  4. If successful, move back to 2ft (24 inches) and repeat.

  5. If successful again, move back to 3ft (36 inches).

  6. However; if you miss the Target Tee with any ball, then start again at 1ft (12 inches).

  7. Once successful at 3ft (36 inches), place a tee peg on the back of a hole on the putting green and take aim at the new Target Tee.

Its fun to spice up your practice with some putting games on the practice green and this confidence-building drill will help you to focus your mind by aiming at a smaller target rather seeing the edges of the hole. By narrowing the target to a tee peg size and still holing putts, the full-sized holes unmissable out on the course.

About my student: Yu Rong only started playing golf 6 years ago as a social golfer, and after meeting me in Shanghai, has worked very hard to pursue her dream of playing professional golf. 2018 is her debut year on the China LPGA Tour and after training in the US recently has just returned to China for her first event in Zhuhai.

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