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Another Florida Trip

Once again, it seems that time is fleeting. It doesn't feel like I have been back in Shanghai more than a couple of weeks (even though it has been 12 weeks) and I am getting on a plane to go the Florida for my second visit and third to the US this year.

Numerous reasons justified this particular trip. One of which was to show Yu Rong what the possibilities could be if she secures her sponsorship deal for the next 3 years. Setting up bank accounts, showing her the local mini tours (which will be her proving ground) as well as having meetings to secure a location for practice facilities and with housing agents made a 2 week trip very congested on time constraints.

For myself, another visit to Bishops Gate Golf Academy to get more photos taken for GolfPunk Magazine was satisfying as it allowed me to spend some time with my friends and use some of the best facilities in the country to get a few new instruction videos taken as well was an added bonus.

Limited free time though, meant only a couple of "days off" to go and visit Sea World (which I always look forward to) and a day at the beach, but both were well needed and thoroughly enjoyed, as was the selection of restaurants and food to be sampled.

Back in Shanghai again now, but already looking forward to my next trip. Wherever it will take me???

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